IFEC 2022

Solar Microgrid Inverter

This year the competition topic is a multilevel converter for a PV system with the rated power of 1kW. The subject matter is in agreement with the prevailing movement of sustainable development through the employment of renewable energy systems within the existing grid.

The main aim this year is designing a galvanic microinverter that adheres to the standard IEC 61000-4-3: 2020. Moreover, the prototype has to be reliable, compact and, above all, energy-efficient. In order to increase the quality of electricity supplied to the grid, we have to compensate for the reactive power. Furthermore, the device needs to ensure delivering power to the network according to its current needs while having a power factor of 1 in both single-phase and three-phase mode. The galvanic isolation has to be in accordance with the IEC 60950-1, and the safety standard IEC 60204-1.