Our projects

IFEC 2024

This year’s project of the H-Bridges team is to develop and design a Stereo Audio Amplifier with Switch mode – current solution for sound systems, where the efficiency, size of the device and the need for digital audio inputs are key factors. 

Digital implementation and signal processing makes it possible for the quality of sound reproduction to be at the level of conventional amplifiers, which suffer from high consumption.

IFEC 2023

In 2023, H-Bridges team successfully developed a Single-Phase Solid-State Transformer.  We managed to achieve the second place among 7 other teams, and win The Outstanding Performance Award.

IFEC 2022

After 2 years of dedicated hard work, our team has successfully developed a smart, efficient and light Solar Powered Microgrid Inverter. Yet again we have achieved significant success, having won second place and The Best Innovation Award.

IFEC 2020

Competing with 40 universities from Europe, Asia, and USA, our team reached finals in 2020 and secured second place and The Outstanding Performance Award with our Power Supply For Nanosatellites. We are extremely proud of the high power density and the light weight of our prototype, as those are some of the most crucial features.

IFEC 2019

In the finals held at Madison University, Wisconsin, our team won first place and The Grand Award with our E-Drive For Bicycle. This accomplishment is a crown jewel of multiple years of hard and dedicated work of our team.

IFEC 2018

In the final round of the competition, in Beijing, China, we secured the fourth place and yet again won The Educational Impact Award. This accomplishment confirmed that the grade of work being done in the Laboratory for Digital Drive Control and Electric Vehicles is upstanding.

IFEC 2016

Next we competed on IFEC 2016. With a Grid-side Single-phase Rectifier as our new project, we won the The Best Education Impact Award and placed third.

IFEC 2005

Our first appearance on the IFEC competition was back in 2005, in Chicago, Illinois. Our team won first place with our Digitally Controlled Electromotor for the stated performance criteria, surpassing teams from some of the worlds most prestigious universities. We won both the Outstanding Presentation Award and the Outstanding Technical Report Award.