Team Leader

Filip Cvejić

“For a student that wants to truly understand all the theory they are taught and gain actual practical experience, participation in the IFEC competition, as part of the H-Bridges team, is an absolutely unique opportunity. It is an amazing journey at the end of which you realise that your teammates are going to be your lifelong friends and that you made the best decision in your education so far. Teamwork and knowledge are things that are inevitably picked up during the experience, but the feeling that will always remain the clearest in memory is the moment of victory after a year-long struggle.”

– Filip Cvejić


Lazar Nikolovski
Miloš Milešević
Ružica Cvetanović


Emir Kačapor
Miodrag Joksimović

Printed Circuit Board Design

Jovana Cakić
Luka Knežević
Miloš Jankov

Fundraising and Public Relations

Nevena Bugarčić
Nevena Paramentić
Nikola Branković
Silvester Forgo
Kristina Radović