About Us

H-Bridges is a team of students from the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, created with the aim to participate in the prestigious International Future Energy Challenge (IFEC) organized by the World Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEEE).

IFEC is a world renowned power electronics competition, which yearly brings teams from the world’s most prestigious universities together. The prototype has to adhere to many standards and can be utilized in renewable energy systems, electric vehicles as well as charger systems. 

The team consists of students from all years and departments of the School of Electrical Engineering who are ambitious and open-minded. The focus of the project is the expansion and application of knowledge acquired at the faculty. With the mentor’s help, the existing knowledge and skills are used to create the best and most energy efficient prototype to the given competition topic. Oftentimes, the project is going to be applicable in the industry in the future. 

The competition lasts a full year, and students are allowed to work on the faculty premises in the Laboratory for Digital Drive Control and Electric Vehicles. 

The team consists of three subteams:

  1. Hardware design subteam – they design the topology and select the necessary components 
  2. Software design subteam – they are in charge of the device control
  3. Fundraising and Marketing subteam – in charge of finding sponsors and advertising the team


To develop efficient, reliable and powerful solutions to modern energy problems and have fun while doing it.


Save on iron and copper by smart use of silicon and software.